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We have full public Liability Insurance.

All of our disco equipment is electrically PAT tested and maintained to a very high standard.

Smithy's Disco is happy to recommend for HP364 compatible ink cartridges that we buy from them




Firstly, congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding ceremony! No doubt you're very busy with the preparations and planning involved in organising the perfect day for you, your friends and family. However we're here to help. Choosing your "Perfect Wedding Disco" can be a daunting task, but we hope we can make it easy for you!

We refuse to compromise on quality when it comes to such an important day and we fully recognise that you may have specific requirements for your reception, which we're happy to discuss fully with you before the big day.

The most important of these is, without a doubt, the music you and your guests would like to listen and dance to and how your input is not only welcomed, but encouraged,


Set Up & Arrival


We will liaise with the venue to arrange a set up time

For the equipment. This can take up to one and a half

to two hours. Sometimes it is possible to setup in the

morning  or the night before . If there are guests

already at the venue we will ensure minimum

disruption whilst set up is carried out.



Background Music


When guests are arriving for the evening,

It is usual to have quieter background music

playing so allowing your guests to talk and catch up

with the day’s events if you wish.

You can specify the music if

required  or Steve will choose a selection 

Service of Food


Steve will announce when food will be served and

will play quieter background music at this time if you wish.

This will allow guests time to chat and enjoy the food

First Dance


The first dance of the evening will have been

arranged with the bride & groom before the

wedding . Steve will welcome the bride & groom

onto the dance floor for the first dance.

He will then invite all guests to join them . 

The Final Dance


All guests will be encouraged to join the bride and groom

On the dance floor for the last dance